China’s disinfo campaign shows growing unease about Philippines’ WPS actions

November 3, 2023 | 6:11pm

MANILA, Philippines — An expert observed that China’s recent disinformation campaign has raised a growing anxiety about the Philippines’ efforts in the West Philippine Sea. 

In an interview with ANC’s “Hot Copy” on Friday, geopolitical expert Don Mclaine Gill said that these narratives persist due to China’s “discontent” with the Philippines openly asserting its sovereign rights in the West Philippine Sea.

“Based on its disinformation campaigns, it makes it seem like it is in Manila’s best interest not to do anything about securing its sovereign rights,” Gill said. 

“We are defending what is rightfully ours without provoking the status quo,” he said.

Despite these indicators, the expert warned that the Philippines should remain vigilant and not become complacent.

“We have to illustrate that we are serious about this, we are steadfast in defending our sovereign rights and cooperating with like-minded partners that have similar interests at a time when the Indo-Pacific maritime security continues to face significant fluctuations,” he said. 

The National Security Council said that they are monitoring individuals and organizations that are parroting pro-Beijing narratives, according to a report of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism released in October.

Philippine Coast Guard spokesperson Commodore Jay Tarriela also warned about its existence citing three prominent narratives in downplaying China’s aggression in the West Philippine Sea.


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