Two OFWs from West Bank return to Philippines

Gaea Katreena Cabico – Philstar.com

November 9, 2023 | 12:39pm

MANILA, Philippines — Two Filipino workers from the West Bank arrived in the Philippines Wednesday evening amid escalating violence in the Palestinian territory, the Department of Migrant Workers said. 

They were the first migrant workers who returned to the country from the West Bank. There are 123 Filipinos in the West Bank, mostly resident Filipinos married to Palestinian nationals, along with their children and grandchildren. 

Additionally, there are 23 OFWs and nine nuns in the West Bank.

In October, the Palestinian territory was placed under Alert Level 2, indicating that there would be no new deployment of overseas Filipino workers. 

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said last week that the conditions in the Israeli-occupied West Bank were alarming. The office noted that Israeli forces were increasingly using military tactics and weapons in law enforcement operations there following Hamas’ attacks on Israel from Gaza.

The DMW also announced that nine OFWS from Lebanon arrived Wednesday evening. A total of 19 migrant workers have returned to the Philippines as tension between Israel and Iran-backed militant group Hezobollah continues to intensify. 

Filipinos working and residing in Lebanon can opt for voluntary repatriation after the government placed the Middle Eastern country under Alert Level 3.  


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