Marcos Kalinisan kicks off at Baseco

Alexis Romero – The Philippine Star

January 7, 2024 | 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines — The Kalinisan sa Bagong Pilipinas program launched by President Marcos last Friday seeks to raise awareness and encourage participation among Filipino citizens on environmental responsibility through proper solid waste management.

The program was launched alongside the celebration of National Community Development Day and encourages local governments to invest in programs, projects and activities on solid waste management and ecological practices and to come up with a recognition system for the cleanest areas.

The launch was simultaneously held in various areas yesterday and focused on streets, canals, other waterways, public markets, schools and public parks.

In a video statement, Marcos urged the public to participate in the nationwide cleanup program.

“My friends, let us see in our barangay the changes we want for our nation. Let our barangays be the laboratory of workable ideas,” the President said.

Marcos said the government would do as much as it could to ensure cleanliness in communities, but admitted that it could only do so much.

“At the end of the day, it is not only modern equipment that will win the war against waste. It will be won by citizens equipped with the habit not to litter and whose allegiance to a clean and green community has become second nature to them,” he said.

Marcos has also ordered agencies to include cleanliness in the list of performance guarantees of local governments. He also called for the giving of better incentives to those who display admirable performance in cleanliness, the Gulayan sa Barangay nationwide contest, the use of motor vehicle user’s charge for the lighting of streets, the campaign against single-use plastic and regulation of the use of tarpaulins.

The Presidential Communications Office expressed support for the launching of the nationwide cleanup program in Manila, saying it showcased a “unified commitment to a cleaner, safer environment.”


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