P1,000 jaywalking fine? Transpo advocates slam ‘inhumane’ MMDA proposal

MANILA, Philippines — Transport advocates AltMobility PH criticized a recent proposal by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority that would significantly increase fines for jaywalking along EDSA and C5, effectively doubling the penalties

MMDA chairperson Romando Artes floated the idea in a press briefing on Friday, shortly after a meeting by the Metro Manila Council.

“For now, the [penalty] is at P500. We are looking to [increase it to] P1,000,” said Artes on Friday.

“Then we will include seminars on the penalty so it would be planted in their minds, more than the monetary penalty.”



‘Inhuman for pedestrians’

The proposal is currently not yet adopted prior to much needed consultations. However, some transport advocates have already voiced their concerns regarding the move.

“This is inhumane and out of touch with the realities of pedestrians and vulnerable road users, who are the majority of Filipinos,” said AltMobility PH in a statement sent to media Friday.

“This proposal—and moreover, the very idea of penalizing the act of crossing the street—contradicts the government’s promise of promoting active transportation as a means to improve mobility, and privileges the minority who use private motorized vehicles.”

Instead of stiffer penalties, the group said that the government must shift treatment and design to address the needs of the majority.

Among AltMobility PH’s recommendations include providing proper infrastructure such as “at-grade” (street-level) crossings,  sidewalks, and segregated lanes to support active transportation, and to ensure the safety of vulnerable road users such pedestrians, elderly and children. 


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