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The Harold Eisenberg Foundation Hosts 15th Annual Career Day

The Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation will host its 15th Annual Career Day on October 12-13. The event allows students the opportunity to network with industry leaders while gaining valuable exposure to the Chicago real estate community.

Throughout the two-day experience, hundreds of the country’s brightest real estate students will convene with top industry professionals to create an educational experience. Students will gain inside access to industry leaders as well as exclusive site tours.

“This event allows promising and driven students the opportunity to make real, lasting connections within the real estate industry, and links companies to qualified candidates with exciting new talent,” says Tom Dynek, Associate Board Member and Career Day Co-Chair.

The Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation is committed to bolstering the careers of aspiring real estate students through education programs, mentorships, scholarships, career counseling, and events.


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