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Webinar: Levering Project Management Tech

In a new webinar, Freddie Sabbs, Presales Leader for Quickbase, sat down with Connect Media to discuss how major CRE and retail organizations are centralizing information and creating better, more streamlined and effective project management experiences and why now is the time to begin thinking about the coming market and economic changes. 

Sabbs noted that pain points among clients usually fall into one of two buckets. “One is lack of visibility,” he said. “The other is lack of control.” He cited the example of an industrial real estate client that had difficulty keeping a handle on its deal pipeline, tasking a team member with the time-consuming job of tracking down information that “should be at your fingertips.” 

The company counts both smaller organizations and large-scale, multinational enterprises among its customers. “Generally speaking, smaller companies have the ability to run their business on Quickbase, and larger organizations are able to bridge the gaps between systems and teams with Quickbase,” said Sabbs. 

Click here for on-demand replays of the webinar.


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